Why You Need a Pool Safety Cover

Pool Safety Covers NJ - If you own a pool, you need a pool cover. In the interest of safety, a pool safety cover is the mark of a responsible pool owner. Some municipalities even require them. The advantages of a pool cover are two-fold: they protect the contents of your pool in the offseason and they prevent kids and pets from falling in when unsupervised.  Pool Safety Covers NJ Let’s go over the many benefits of pool safety covers and why you need them.  Safety  The main reason to install a pool cover is safety, whether for your above ground or in ground unit. Accidental drowning is, sadly, very common, and it doesn’t discriminate. It happens to people of all ages, although it’s more common in small children. Plus, it can also happen to wild animals and domesticated pets.  Every day in this country, 10 people die from unintentional drowning, with two of those being children aged 14 or younger, according to the CDC. Indeed, drowning ranks fifth in leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U.S.  A pool safety cover made of strong materials, when properly installed, will prevent these unnecessary drownings that happen in the [...]