Inground Pool Opening: Top 10 Tips – It’s never too early to look ahead towards spring and summer to consider how you will best open your pool. Of course, you should always call a professional to perform opening procedures, but just in case you’re a handy DIY’er, here are some tips on inground pool opening.

1.  Remove the Debris From Your Pool Cover

Use a soft broom to get any dead leaves or other large pieces of debris off the winter cover. Then, use the pool cover pump to get the standing water off.

2. Remove, Clean and Store Your Pool Cover

You’ll need a buddy or two to help. Lift and fold the cover back and forth, like an accordion, and then unfurl it so it lies flat on the ground. Be sure to check on the condition of the cover as you do this, to ensure there are no rips. Gently scrub it with pool cover cleaner and a soft broom.

Rinse away the cleaner and dry with a towel or even a leaf blower. Fold it back up, then store it inside a storage bag or container. Don’t put the cover on the floor of your shed or garage, as critters like mice can nest in it.

3. Skim the Pool

Use the skimmer to snag any debris that could clog your filtration system when it’s turned on.

4. Remove Plugs

When you closed the pool for the winter, you likely blew out the pipes and installed plugs so water couldn’t get back in. Now’s the time to remove those plugs.

5. Reinstall Ladders and Other Accessories

Now you can install your pool ladder, diving board, stair rails, slide, and other accessories. Take this time to lubricate bolts and grease diving board hinges.

6. Add Water

Get the water level up to normal using a hose and hose filter.

7. Set up the Filter and Pump

Install the drain plugs in your pump and filter, and lubricate any O-rings for protection. Open the return side valves, flip the circuit breaker, then turn on the pump. Once water starts to flow through, the pump is primed. Wash and replace the filter. Switch the multiport valve to filter.

8. Balance the Water

Get a baseline of the water chemistry by using test strips you bought at the store or by bringing a water sample to your local pool supply store. Balance the water, adjusting alkalinity first and pH next, followed by calcium hardness.

9. Brush and Vacuum the Pool

This will help prevent algae problems later, plus it makes the pool shock become more effective. Vacuum the pool to get rid of sediment from the pool floor.

10. Shock the Pool

Use pool shock to kill off algae spores and bacteria, and to get your water sparkling clean. It’s a good idea to double shock the pool at the time of opening. Run the filter for 24 hours.

Now your pool should be ready for swimming!

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