Liner Replacement: Top 5 Signs You Need a New Pool Liner – Think back to when your pool liner was new: it was tight, with no wrinkles, had a vibrant sharp color to it and made the water beautiful to look at. Fast forward a decade and it looks wrinkly, faded, dull and boring. It may have some tears in it, and you may have experienced some leaks. All of these signs point to the need for a new liner.

Here are the top five signs that you need liner replacement. 

1.      Fading

A good-quality vinyl pool liner features built-in UV inhibitors, as well as other substances that help to slow down fading. But over time, sun and chemicals take a toll and cause fading. But it’s not just the surface that’s fading…a loss of plasticizers is also happening. These substances are what keep the vinyl supple and pliable. When you have a heavily faded liner, it also likely has become harder and more brittle, failing to expand and contract as easily as it did before.

2.      Wrinkles

At first, your liner likely fit your pool’s surfaces like a glove. Over time, though, you’ll start to see a lot of wrinkles appearing on the bottom, corners, or even near fittings such as return drains and skimmers. Wrinkles happen with old age, poor quality vinyl material, improper initial installation, or damaged under-wall or under-floor spots.

3.      Cracking and Tearing

Once a crack or tear develops, it will often continue to grow in size, leading eventually to water loss. But water loss is more than just an annoyance. Water that leaks under the liner can damage the pool base through the process of erosion.

4.      Leaks

If you notice the water level of your pool dropping more than one inch in less than two weeks, a leak could be to blame. Less than that is likely due to simple evaporation. Keep in mind, long-term pool leaks result in erosion and, in the worst cases, sinkholes.

5.      Stains and Discoloration

Stains are unattractive, but by themselves, they’re not cause for replacement. Stains are caused by minerals, algae, metals, chemical damage and even organic materials. You can remove most stains with products purchased and applied by your local pool professional. If the stains won’t go away with these methods, and are causing an unsightly appearance for your whole pool area, you may want to consider replacement.  

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